Acto Pharma

Environmental Management System Policy

Our Environmental Management System Scope

ISO 14001:2015

Establishedaccording to the standard requirements of Environmental Management System Acto Pharma Hijyen San. Tic. Inc. in our Environmental Management System, all our locations and

all our activities carried out in these locations, neighbors, all processes and all products we sell covers our assortment. Ourscope of activity ; Medical device disinfectants, wound care products, ground and surface

disinfectants, hand and skin

Design, manufacture, filling and sale of antiseptics, cosmetics, veterinary, industrial and medical cleaning products

Our processes are:

  • Salesand Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Maintenance Repair
  • Production Planning
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Research,
  • Development and Design
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Foreign Trade
  • Quality Assurance
  • Finance
  • Accounting

Our product range:

  •  Medical Products
  •  Cosmetic Products
  •  Biocidal Products
  •  Non-Medical Veterinary Products
  • Detergent
  • Products
  • Food Supplements
  • Agricultural and Livestock Products

As stake holders of the organization, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, official institutions, neighbors, society and the environment consider The processes are planned by taking.System design; customer satisfaction, health, safety and participation of employees (including temporary activities and contractor employees), environmental sensitivity, supplier relations, maintaining competitiveness, ensuring efficiency Inthis context, the revisions of the Environmental Standard are regularly reviewed and updated taking into account Theperformance of our Environmental Management System under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors is under the responsibility and follow-up of our OHS & Peripherals All processes within thehouse are carried out by their leaders. Complianceobligations related to environmental legislation are followed by the Legislation Information System. With the Waste Management System established,our hazardous, non-hazardous and packaging waste is disposed of through licensed waste companies.