Acto Pharma

About Us

ACTO Pharma ; In  accordance with the license agreement made with ACTO  GmbH , it  produces ACTO®  branded disinfectants, antiseptics, cosmetics, wound care, personal hygiene and industrial cleaning products.

It  sells and markets ACTO® branded products in Turkey and 46 countries, and provides training and scientific research support on hygiene and disinfection.

The ACTO® brand has rapidly grown and developed in the sector by sharing its knowledge and experience accumulated for more than 30 years with every field of society, especially the health sector, where hygiene is needed.

In facilities established with German standards and quality; Production and analysis processes are carried out with the latest technology clean rooms, laboratories, machinery and equipment in accordance with international laws, regulations and standards.

Our ACTO ® branded product groups;

• Biocidal Products
• Hand and Skin Antiseptics
• Floor and Surface Disinfectants
• Medical Products
• Medical Device Disinfectants, Cleaning and Care Products
• Wound Care Products
• Lubricating Gel
• Cosmetic Products
• Personal Hygiene Products
• Veterinary Products
• Food Supplements
• Professional Cleaning Products
• Agriculture and Livestock Products

Our product groups are sold and marketed in Turkey and in nearly 50 countries from our country.

While ACTO ® increases its market share in the world day by day with its high quality and wide product range, it exports its knowledge and experience and takes firm steps forward in new formations.


Mission & Vision

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality. To be worthy of the trust of our company and to be the most preferred brand by expanding our market share in Turkey and abroad.

Continuously working with our production, R&D and Quality departments and being a pioneer in order to become a brand that constantly evolves in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency in the national / international market, pioneers the sector and meets customer expectations at the highest level with its wide range of products.

Our difference; Our International Insurance

To support and ensure the safety of our products, and to respond immediately to customer demands, all the products of ACTO® are covered by “ Personnel and Product Liability Insurance ” to a sum total of:

  • 10,000,000 € flat rate for personal injury and/or property damage
  • 500,000 € for financial losses
  • 5,000,000 € for product liability damages
  • With a maximum rate benefit for each individual covering up to 3,000,000 €

Our Quality and Service Standards

ACTO ® Pharma has ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 10002 management system certificates.

Our facility inspects the entire process from beginning to end and from end to end, up to the end user. As an indicator of this, it has the “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. Biocidal products have a Biocidal Product License and are offered to the market in this way.

Medical Device Disinfectants, wound care products and other medical products have CE Certificate according to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) (93/42 / EEC) and changing regulations are followed closely.

ACTO ® Pharma applies the quality assurance system effectively in all processes and carries out the production of each product according to the highest standard.

Support Activities After Sales

ACTO ® with its high sensitivity in after sales support activities; It organizes continuous training programs in all domestic and international markets in order to ensure the correct use of the products in the right place, by the right people.

The early detection of customers’ requests and needs and meeting these needs in a reliable manner is one of its main goals.

Customer complaints are evaluated not as a problem, but as unique opportunities in the improvement and development process. Necessary processes have been established and implemented in order to receive customer complaints and feedback effectively and accurately, to resolve complaints and to respond satisfactorily to customer complaints.


Quality Control

Each packaging material, active substance and auxiliary substance used in the production processes are tested according to the specified specifications starting from the entrance. While the products that are suitable as a result of the tests continue with the production process, the products found to be unsuitable are returned or destroyed in accordance with the procedures.

Regardless of the legislation or standard, all products pass the tests determined and validated as Chemical, Physical and Microbiological .

Products that comply with the specified specifications in the Semi-finished product stage are transferred to the filling and packaging process, while the products that comply with the specifications determined in the analysis in the finished product stage are released.

R&D and Innovation

ACTO ® Pharma has an expert R&D team and a technology R&D laboratory that can perform all chemical and microbiological tests. The primary goal of the R&D department is; To follow the ever-changing market, to direct the market in the light of scientific data and to develop new products according to customer needs.

The product range is constantly improved and renewed by following new technologies and their literature. Current ideas and techniques in the international market are combined with product experiences from many countries of the world and used as inputs in continuous improvement activities.