Acto Pharma

Management Systems Policy

ACTO Pharma Hijyen San. Tic. A.S. is a corporate company operating in the field of medical device disinfectants, wound care products, biocidal products, non-medical veterinary products, detergents and cosmetic products. Technology, continuous improvement and innovation as well as traditional values ​​such as reliability, justice and responsibility are an integral part of our corporate policy. ACTO Pharma; In order to preserve, strengthen and maintain its reputation and success, these obligations have been defined in the company policy. The focus of our policy is on the success and satisfaction of our customers and employees.

In this way, as ACTO PHARMA, it is in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, ISO 45001 management systems, GMP and 93/42 / EEC Medical Device Regulation to fulfill all the standards and legal regulations that it is subject to in the field of business. We declare the review of its continuity as the basis of our policy.

Our policy includes the following key points related to our management systems in accordance with the purpose and context of the organization and creates a vision for them:

  1. Customer happiness

The success and continuity of our company depends on our customers and therefore on their satisfaction both in our products and in their business relations with us. One of our main goals is to identify the wishes and needs of our customers early and to meet these needs in a reliable way.

  1. Leadership skills

We want to constantly adapt and improve our management systems to new conditions. Management systems policy; It is used to encourage our managers, to take responsibility for the success of our quality targets, and to derive our company and process targets.

  1. Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement; We see it as a duty and obligation to question what exists, to fix errors or to detect them before they occur, to develop future-oriented solutions in our business. Our aim is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of our products.

  1. Growth

Our ideas and knowledge create new products and secure our future. In this way, we want to solve our customers’ problems and meet their needs and expectations. We see the changes in the market, following national regulations and adapting to technological developments as an opportunity for us to grow. We are aware that these changes will increase our profits and capacity with innovative products, services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

  1. Protection of market shares

We want to create clear competitive advantages for our customers and ourselves, to be a reliable partner in environmental protection and occupational health and safety. We want to secure our company’s growth by serving the markets we represent, by offering innovative products, services and solutions. We also want to move into new areas built on our technology and expertise, taking into account the interests of our customers and other interested parties.

  1. Gain

Our aim is to generate profits that will finance the continuous growth of our company, provide the resources we need to achieve our quality goals (corporate goals) as well as our other responsibilities. While doing this, it will always be our priority not to compromise traditional values ​​such as reliability, fairness and responsibility.

  1. Zero error philosophy

Problems, errors detected provide opportunities for our innovation and improvement. Each of our employees has the task of detecting, removing and eliminating errors, preventing or reducing them. Compared to detecting errors, it is our top priority to prevent any errors from occurring.

  1. Employee satisfaction

The qualifications, knowledge and motivation of all our employees form the basis for the success of our company. For this reason, it is important for our success to inform our employees, to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills through training, and to provide the best working environment.

  1. Environment & Occupational Health and Safety

Our organization acts according to the following principles;

  • To work with the principle of preventing environmental pollution, work accidents and occupational diseases by providing a safe and healthy working environment,
  • To fulfill our duties in all kinds of matters in order to spread environmental awareness,
  • Ensuring that wastes are minimized at their source, reused and recycled whenever possible, and that non-recyclable wastes are disposed of with appropriate methods,
  • To ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
  • Observing the nature and ecological balance of our environment,
  • To adopt an approach in accordance with legal regulations, international standards and ethical rules on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment,
  • To eliminate dangers, to work to reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks,
  • Consulting employees and employee representatives on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment and ensuring their participation,

We are determined to continuously improve and improve ourselves by setting and reviewing our management systems goals.

We aim to make our suppliers a part of our Management Systems.

Each employee is responsible for the implementation of this policy in his / her field of work.

Our management systems policy is open to everyone and communicated by individuals and organizations appointed by the company.