Product information

Actoton® C

Neutralization Solution for Washer Disinfectors

  • Citric acid-based
  • Provides neutralization of alkali residues
  • Can be used in all washer-disinfectors
  • Does not damage machine parts and tools
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Actoton® C  is used for the neutralization of medical and surgical instruments and heat-resistant materials after alkaline washing. It contains citric acid to remove the alkali residues formed in the machine after washing.


Actoton® C is suitable for stainless steel, plastic, rubber, latex, laboratory glass and ceramic materials. Area of Use:

Used for removal of lime residues in the machine and for neutralization of alkali residues from the main washing process. Usage temperature is 40-60 °C.


Method of Use:

In the medical field, 1-3 mL/L is recommended for cleaning and disinfection devices. To ensure proper dosing, the manufacturer’s recommendations must absolutely be followed. For better results, use with Actoton® A (Alkaline solution).

Citric acid monohydrate, 2-Propanol, nonionic surfactants and excipients.

Single Unit Packaging Unit Article-No.
5L 3 04.1301.5