Acto Pharma


Rust and Corrosion Remover


Actosteel®, removes stains, corrosion and rust occurring on medical instruments. Can eliminate the corrosion caused by poor quality water and sterilization steam.

Used to remove rust and corrosion on stainless steel instruments. Provides neutralization of alkaline residues on medical instruments. Eliminates possible lime formation. Suitable for use manually and with ultrasonic washing machine. 

Chemical composition​

100 g contains: > 30 g phosphoric acid, <5 g nonionic surfactant, corrosion inhibitor and auxiliary substances.

Concentration of Use

Concentration Ratio Amount of Water Product Quantity
% 0,5 1000 ml 5 ml
% 0,3 1000 ml 3 ml
Manual usage; 0.5% for 5 mins. Use in ultrasonic devices; 0.3% for 5 mins. The concentration ratio and cleaning time can be increased according to the degree of dirtiness.

Method of Use:​

Actosteel® according Fiil the instruments bath with water (30-40 °C). Add Actosteel® according to the recommended concentration of use. Disassemble the instruments immediately after use and place them in solution. 

Make sure that the solution covers ali instruments. Brush any stubborn dirt and stains with a medium hard brush. Close the lid of the bath, Wait for the recommended action time. Remove the instruments from the solution and rinse with at least drinking quality water and dry them.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
02.0901.2 2 L 9
02.0901.5 5 L 4