Acto Pharma


Main Washing Powder Agent for Industrial Dishwashers
Concentrated Dishwasher Agent


Actosolid® Clean is a concentrated and alkaline powder dishwasher detergent that fits for moderately hard water. It is developed for indus- trial dishwashers. It removes dried spots and cleans off grease buildup and dirt.

Chemical composition​

5 – 15% Sodium Hydroxide, < 5% Ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid, < 1% Corrosion Inhibitor

Method of Use:​

Compatible with the dosage system of industrial dishwashers. The amount of use is determined with regard to water hardness.

Only for professional use. Add 1-2.5 g/L Actosolid® Clean into the detergent chamber of your machine. 

Use Actodish® Rinse. for rinsing.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
07.3365.1 1 kg 10
07.3365.5 5 kg 1