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High-Level Disinfectant for Medical Instruments and Endoscopes


Actosed® HP Ready, isdesigned for high-level disinfection of surgical instruments and endoscopes. Suitable for use in disinfection baths manually and in automatic endoscope washing machines. Actosed® HP Ready contains anti-corrosion agents. 

Used for high- level disinfection of medical instruments and endoscopes made of steel, glass, ceramics, silicone, plastic materials. Can be disposed of without the need for neutralization. Provides safe use for environment and personnel.

Chemical composition​

Amount of active substance in 100 g:

Actosed® HP Ready: Stabilizer, Corrosion Inhibitor and excipients 

Actosed® HP Ready: Activator: ≤ 6% Peracetic acid

The activated product initially contains ≥2000 ppm peracetic acid and ≥5000 ppm hydrogen peroxide.

Microbiological Activity​

Microbiological Activity Test Method Concentration Effect Time
Baktericidal EN 14561 Ready to use 5 min.
Fungicidal (C. albicans, A. brasiliensis) EN 14562 Ready to use 5 min.
Tuberculocidal, Mycobactericidal EN 14563 Ready to use 5 min.
Sporicidal (Bacillus subtilis) EN 17126 Ready to use 5 min.
Virucidal(Polio, Adeno, MNV) EN 14476 Ready to use 5 min.

Method of Use:​

  • It is offered as Actosed® HP Ready 4750 ml + Actosed® HP Ready Activator 250 ml. Using the activator together with the product, 5000 ml is completed. The product is activated by mixing Actosed® HP Ready with Actosed® HP Ready Activator. The entire Actosed® HP Ready Activator bottle is poured into the Actosed® HP Ready. The lid is closed and ensured that it is mixed thoroughly. The product is ready to use and does not need to be reconstituted. 
  • Test Strip: It is sold in boxes containing 25 strips. The prepared solution is stable for 5 days. The effectiveness of the solution should be checked with test strips.

1.Manual Disinfection:

The instruments should be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner before disinfection. During this cleaning process, we recommend our product called Actoclean® Perfect. After the pre-cleaning process, the outer surfaces and internal channels are rinsed in a way that no residue remains, and dried. Prepared product is put into the bath.

Pre-cleaned instruments are immersed in the bath in such a way that all surfaces and cavities come into contact with the solution. The lid of the bath should always be kept closed during use. After the impact duration, the medical instruments are removed from the bath, rinsed with sterile water or water of at least drinking water quality. The rinsing process should take at least one minute in accordance with the procedure.

Wear personal protective equipment (such as gloves, goggles, etc.) when working with the solution.

2.Disinfection with Endoscope Washing Machine:

Always follow the machine manufacturer’s recommendations. The prepared Actosed® HP Ready is added to the machine. The preparation is as described above. Pre-cleaned instruments are placed in the machine so that all surfaces shall be in contact with the solution. Washing should be performed according to the schedule set by the machine manufacturer in accordance with the instructions for use of the solution.

Rinse Instruction:

Rinsing process; after the recommended contact time, rinse the medical devices with water of at least drinking water quality and dry.  During the rinse, use enough water to completely cover the device and leave the device in the water for at least 1 minute. Do not reuse water for rinsing or other purposes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for additional rinsing instructions.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
01.7303.5 5000 ml (4750 ml + 250 ml Activator) 2
14.5199.25 Test Strip – Pack of 25 pcs 1


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