Acto Pharma


Rinsing Aid and Polishing Agent for Industrial Dishwashers
Actodish Rinse


Actodish® Rinse is a rinsing aid developed for industrial dishwashers. Provides dry dishes with no stains. Prevents lime buildup and water spots. Delivers shiny dishware.

Chemical composition​

< 30% Citric Acid, < 5% Non-ionic Surface Active Agent, 5 – 15% Ethanol, Limonene, Preservative.

Method of Use:​

Used in the final rinsing water. Compatible with the dosage system of industrial dishwashers. Must be adjusted to a dosage in which dishes would come out dry. Should be used together with Actodish® Liquid. Comply with the instructions of your machine manufacturer.


Only for professional use.


Usage Amount: 1 ml/L


UnitPieces in BoxArticle-No.
5 L407.1420.5
20 L1107.1420.20