Acto Pharma


Hand and Skin Antiseptic with Ethanol 89 % (v/v)


Actodermanol® Plus is an alcohol-based hand and skin antiseptic. Suitable for frequent use for hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis. Eliminates bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses in a short time with its high alcohol content. It does not cause any allergic reaction, does not contain aldehyde, phenol, chlorhexidine and similar additives.

Areas of Application: Suitable for frequent use within the day during patient care, before contact with neutropenic and immunosuppressive patients, before and after contact with patients in the isolation room, for skin antisepsis before injection, before and after invasive procedures, before and after wearing gloves, especially in units where the workload and the number of patients is high. Suitable for use in public health centers 

Chemical composition

100 g contains: 86% w/w of Ethanol (89 % v/v) emollient (Glycerol), Dexpanthenol, Aloe vera extract and auxiliary substances.

100 g contains: 65.9 g of Ethanol (70% V/V), softener (Lanolin), auxiliary substances.

Microbiological Activity

Microbiological Activity Test Method Concentration Effect Time
Bactericidal EN 13727 3 mL 15 sec.
Bactericidal EN 1276 3 mL 60 sec.
Fungicidal (C. albicans) EN 13624 3 mL 15 sec.
Fungicidal EN 1650 3 mL 60 sec.
Tuberculocidal Mycobactericidal EN 14348 3 mL 30 sec.
Virucidal (Adenovirus, Poliovirus,Murine norovirus, Vaccinia virus,Corona virus) EN 14476 3 mL 30 sec.

Method of Use:

Hygienic hand antisepsis: Remove all jewelry before use. Make sure that the nails are not long. Take 3 mL of Actodermanol® Plus. Apply for 30 seconds according to EN 1500 standard.

Surgical hand antisepsis: Remove all jewelry before use. Make sure that the nails are not long. Take the sufficient amount of product in a way to keep skin wet during application. According to EN 12791 standard, disinfect your hands, including wrists and elbows, with Actodermanol® Plus by wet rubbing both hands for a total of 3 minutes. If necessary, take disinfectant again during the procedure.

Injection site antisepsis: Spray the skin before injections, Wipe after waiting for 30 secs.


Unit Pieces in Box Article-No
50 ml 110 06.5240.50
100 ml 81 06.5240.100
250 ml 49 06.5240.250
500 ml 30 06.5240.500
1 L 10 06.5240.1
5 L 4 06.5240.5