Acto Pharma


Concentrated Acidic Bathroom Cleaning Agent


Acto® Pro B is an acidic product developed for all bathroom surfaces. Can be applied on ceramic, enamel and metal surfaces. Delivers cleanliness without any scratch and dullness. Provides a glossy and pleasant-odored surface after cleaning.

Chemical composition​

> 30% Organic Acid, 5 – 15% Non-ionic Surface Active Agent, Perfume

Method of Use:​

Spray the Acto® Pro B on the surface. Spread the product on the surface with a sponge or brush and leave for 2 to 5 minutes. Then, rinse it with plenty of water. It should be kept for a shorter period of time on marble, enamel and metal surfaces. Test it on a distant spot before spraying the product on such surfaces. 

Dosage: 4-6 ml/L

Only for professional use.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
07.2010.750 750 ml 15
07.2010.1 1 L 20
07.2010.5 5 L 4
07.2010.20 20 L 1