Acto Pharma


Instrument Maintenance Oil


Acto® Edelstahl, is a spray for maintenance and protection of steel surfaces. Cleans surfaces without scratching. Provides brightness in the area where it is used. Has antistatic action.


Prevents corrosion and is suitable for frequent use.


Used on large steel surfaces in hospitals, industrial kitchens and food establishments.

Chemical composition​

DAB grade paraffin oil, <5% nonionic surfactant, volatile gas propane and butane.

Method of Use:​

Shake the spray bottle thoroughly before use. Spray from a distance of 25 cm. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes to act. Wipe with a dry and soft cloth. Can be used as frequent as desired.


UnitPieces in BoxArticle-No.
400 ml1203.5003.400