Acto Pharma


Descaler Powder for Coffee Machines



Acto® Descaler Powder It is a descaler developed for all types of filter coffee machines and kettles. Cleans the lime layer and deposits that are formed in your machines. Regular use, ideally every 3 months, increases the efficiency of your machines, extending its service life. Provides excellent cleaning without corrosive effects or toxic residues. 

Chemical composition​

> 40% Sulfamic Acid

Method of Use:​

Acto® Descaler Powder is developed for the domestic and professional use. Please observe the machine manufacturer’s operating instructions. Pour one package of Acto® Descaler Powder (25 g) into the water tank of your filter coffee machine or kettle. Add 1000 ml of water into the water tank/kettle. Let the mixture of Acto® Descaler Powder and water boil for 2-3 minutes (You can extend the boiling time, if the lime scale is not removed completely). Then pour away the water with the lime deposits. Rinse with plenty of water.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
07.36668.25 25 gr 100
107.36668.50 50 gr 100