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Caring Spray for Diaper Area


ACTO® Baby Spray, is used to clean the diaper area of your baby when you change the diaper. It is suitable even for the most sensitive skins due to its non-irritating and safe formulation. It cleans and moistens the skin that helps to reduce the skin tension

It can be used on whole skin except the face.

ACTO® Baby Spray, is used to cleanse the diaper area of your baby and protects against diaper rashes. The non – irritant and safe formulation is ideal for sensitive skin. It cleans and moisturizes the sensitive baby skin. This solution in an ideal formulation is able to prevent the formation of the diaper rash and irritation.

Avoid burning sensation. Reduction of the skin tension and removal of the stiffness. Suitable for whole skin except face.

Chemical composition​

Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Poloxamer 188, Panthenol, Polyaminpropyl biguanide.

Method of Use:​

ACTO® Baby Spray usage is practical and safe. It can be sprayed directly onto the diaper region and dried with a cotton or soft clean cloth.

Optionally, the area may be wiped by spraying cotton or cloth. If your baby wee, one or two wipes would be sufficient.

If your baby poo, you should first clean the area completely and apply the cleaning product


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
08.4789.100 100 ml 100