Acto Pharma


Coffee Machine Descaler Solution


Acto® Anti-Calc It is a descaler developed for all types of coffee machines. It contains Lactic Acid, which is an organic acid. Cleans the lime layer and deposits formed in the resistances and other parts. Regular use, ideally every 3 months, increases the efficiency of your coffee machine, extending its service life. Provides excellent cleaning without corrosive effects or toxic residues.  

It is suitable for coffee machines of all brands.

Chemical composition​

> 30% Lactic Acid, <1% Chelating Agent.

Method of Use:​

Acto® Anti-Calc is developed for the use in domestic and professional coffee and espresso machines. 

It can be used in automatic and manual machines. Please observe the machine manufacturer’s operating instructions. The usage of the working solution: diluting in proportion 1:10, adding 100 ml of the solution into 1 liter water.

Make sure that the machine is rinsed well after use.


Article-No. Unit Pieces in Box
07.1488.100 100 ml 100
107.1488.500 500 ml 20