Diversey and Acto joined forces in the healthcare industry

Diversey, one of the world’s hygiene specialists, and Acto, one of the leading companies in the health department, are preparing to offer a brand new portfolio of products to the service of health professionals that will meet all the needs of the health branch.

Within the scope of the agreement made in the middle of Diversey and Acto, Diversey Turkey will be responsible for the sales and marketing of Acto’s disinfectant work set, as the sole authority in 6 different countries, including Turkey.

Within the scope of this valuable business partnership, whose main motto is “We Are Stronger Together”, the quality and production power of the Acto brand, Diversey’s nearly 100 years of experience in hygiene, global geographical reach, strong sales network and strong product portfolio, products provide hospital hygiene and infection in the world market. merging for. ushers in a new era in prevention.

Acto Pharma, with its knowledge and experience of more than 30 years, produces ACTO® brand disinfectant, antiseptic, cosmetics, wound care, personal hygiene, nutritional support and industrial purity products of the German ACTO® GmbH company in Turkey. countries. ; It provides education and scientific research on hygiene and disinfection. Offering active and sustainable cleaning and hygiene analyzes with nearly 100 years of expertise and experience, Diversey started to serve in the health branch in Turkey 5 years ago. Diversey, which has given employment to many city hospitals, private hospital chains, public hospitals and other health institutions in this short time, has made a big difference in the field of infection prevention with Oxivir branded products, which is shown as one of the top 4 products. In 2021, disinfectants suitable for the infection prevention category were added by Newsweek magazine. Now, by enriching its work portfolio, it has included ACTO® brand disinfectant works, which are well known in every field of society where hygiene is required, especially in the health branch. , with the aim of meeting all the requirements of the department from a to z.

Regarding the cooperation they started with Acto Pharma, Diversey Professional Business Unit Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia Leader Eray İsmail Özgüç said: “As Diversey, we have the responsibility to offer integrated solutions in the field of hygiene. Our Oxivir product series, produced with our patented AHP® (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®) technology, became a favorite of the health sector in a short time. We complete our analyzes in the disinfectant cluster with ACTO®, the known and trusted brand of the sector. Thus, we will be able to offer 360-degree analysis from a to z, and we will continue to create a price for our country and society with the aim of providing a healthy life.”

Acto Pharma Administration Council Leader Ahmet Melikoğlu said, “The quality and production power of the Acto brand and the strong sales network of the Diversey brand have combined and a new era has begun in the international arena in the hospital hygiene and medical division. We believe that with the cooperation of these two powerful companies, which are leaders in their fields, we will offer more active solutions to prevent infectious diseases in the field of health.” said.

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